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WSBS Underwater Photography

WSBS underwater creatures starring in Daily Telegraph

On September 25, 2012, Daily Telegraph published an article about underwater photographs of Alexander Semenov, WSBS MSU employee.

Extracts from the article:

A PASSION for diving and the strange, secret world of life beneath the ocean waves has seen Russian photographer Alexander Semenov discover a host of beautiful marine creatures in the White Sea, northwest Russia. From resplendent jellyfish to crotchety crabs, Semenov, a marine biologist from Moscow, says that after five years of recording the life under the sea he’s still learning about the craft of underwater photography. Being the head of the scientific diver’s team at the White Sea Biological Station of Lomonosov’s Moscow State University, Russia, means Semenov gets daily opportunities to hone his skill and share this unique world with others.

Read the full article here.

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