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Summer school

Summer field course in invertebrate zoology, July 2012

Nikolai Pertsov White Sea Biological Station provides Summer field course in invertebrate zoology

4-25 July, 2012

This is the classics of university practical field courses, which has been elaborated in detail during the last 40 years at the faculty of Biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University. The course is obligatory for students of environmental and evolutionary biology. The course aims at:

  • Consolidating previously gained theoretical and practical knowledge of major groups of sea invertebrates;
  • Getting acquainted with basic local biotopes;
  • Getting into the peculiarities of the invertebrate fauna of the White Sea;
  • Mastering the skills of collecting and identifying the animals.

Some of the genera typically studied are: Mytilus, Littorina, Jera, Arenicola, Gammarus, Aulactinia, Buccunum, Balanus, Aeolida, Buccinum, Mya, Crangon,Priapulida, Pectinaria, Halocynthia, Molgula, Calanus, Aglantha, Sagitta, Aurelia, Cyanea, Bolinopsis, Hyperia.

Lecturers: Dr. Elena N. Temereva
                    Artem Isachenko

Normally academic day would be 7-10 hours with lunch and tea breaks. This would include daily field excursions of variable.

The course is for students who have already taken a university course in general zoology or zoology of invertebrates. Skills of practical work with a microscope are an advantage.

Contacts:;  +7 (495) 939 2785

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