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Geomorphology Seminar at WSBS

WSBS held an international seminar on Geomorphology of High Latitudes

From August 25 to September 5, 2011, an international Seminar on Geomorphology of High Latitudes was held at the MSU White Sea Biological Station. The seminar was organized by the European Geography Association (EGEA), a European network of geography students and young geographers,  in cooperation with the Department of Geomorphology and Paleogeography, of the MSU Faculty of Geography.


The main goal of the Seminar is to promote the exchange of scientific ideas and accomplishments of modern Geomorphology among leading professors and researchers of European universities, students, graduate students and young professionals from different countries, for dissemination of the modern theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Geomorphology of  high latitudes.





Participants discussed the following topics:

•  coastal geomorphology

•  littoral processes;

•  neotectonics of periglacial landforms;

•  quaternary deposits and morphology;

•  urban landscapes in high latitudes;

•  transformation of fragile polar ecosystems under technogenic pressure.

•  new methods in geomorphologic research;


English was the working language of the Seminar.

Main organizers of the Seminar: Svetlana Samsonova, Sergey Leonidov, Veronika Prokhorova, Natalia Morozova, Anna Bulochnikova, and Natalia Kosevich.

Fifteen participants including students, post-graduate students, post-doc stutents, and young reseachers interested in Geomorphology of high latitudes, took part in the Seminar: Alexandru  Dragan (Timisoara, Romania); Petronela Bordeianu and Nicu Ionut-Cristi (Iasi, Romania);  Andra  Macaun and Florian Zainescu (Bucharest, Romania); Davide Gasseau (Turin, Italy); Ewa Koprowska (Warsaw, Poland); Jacub Ondruch (Brno, Czech Republic); Josef Fortner (Augsburg, Germany); Katri Heiskala (Helsinki, Finland); Innokentuy Kuznetsov and Alla Khvorostova  (Arkhangelsk, Russia); Koen Vereyken (Leuven, Belgium); Ruth Kretschmer and Maximilian (Bonn, Germany).

The participants attended lectures on geomorphology of the White Sea region and on new methods in geomorphologic research, went on field trips dedicated to neotectonics of the region,  in the WSBS vicinity and the nearby islands.

Both participants and organizers of the seminar believe that the event was a great success. The program was intense and interesting.

Link to the White Sea Geomorphology Seminar at the EGEA web-site

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