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WSBS helpers

A big thank you to the volunteers of 2011

The MSU White Sea Biological Station thanks all it's volunteers of 2011!

In the year of 2011, the WSBS volunteers helped our station in:

  • improving the water line,
  • renovating one of the labs,
  • preparing the Aquarial building basement for a future new lab,
  • renovating of accommodation spaces
  • reconstructing and renovating the "Teremok" building, which added two more studios to the WSBS housing fund
  • preparing sites for new houses in the "Klopinye Vyselki" line
  • deploying the Internet network in the WSBS settlement
  • improving the security and reliability of the WSBS IT network, and 
  • increasing the area, improving and caring for the botanic garden and flower beds.

We even had a foreign volonteer in 2011 - thank you, Wenke Ludwig. :-) The list of volunteers can be found at the Russian version of this site.

Along with the volunteers, we also thank ALL students who helped us during the public works.

We treasure your contributions for this biostation to be a better place to work and live in!

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