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New Year Seminar

New Year is nearly here and many people would like to know how we will celebrate. Will there be a traditional celebration at the WSBS MSU site in Moscow, and when?

Surely, there will be a celebration, with all the WSBS staff and friends.

As due to winter research projects and studies, many staff members will be at the WSBS site up North in december and beginning of January, we decided to hold our celebration in Moscow on the 13th of January 2012, the date of the Russian "Old Style New Year".


On the 13th of January, 2012

within the framework of the Research & Education Centre "Marine Biology, Oceanography and Geology", there will be an interdisciplinary WSBS seminar.

Time: at 18:00.

Location: - the “Rotonda” hall of the MSU Earth Science Museum - the main MSUV building, 31st floor.

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