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Nikolai Pertsov White Sea Biological Station (WSBS MSU)
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Conference fee

The Conference Fee is 1500 RUB

The conference fee is to be paid between January 15, 2013 and February 20, 2013 by wire transfer to the WSBS Fund. It is also possible to pay the fee online from the WSBS Fund website ( by clicking the link «Сделать пожертвование»; please make sure you enter in the "Платеж за" field the following as "для конференции + your full name".

The confirmed payment details of the WSBS Fund will be posted after January 1, 2013.

The Conference Fee includes:

  • an anniversary issue of the magazine "PRIRODA" (Nature) dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Pertsov White Sea Biological Station of Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • a Conference Program and Abstract booklet
  • coffee breaks
  • participation in the Anniversary Party


For all inquiries please contact Dr. Elena Vortsepneva at

White Sea Biological Station


White Sea Biological Station


White Sea Biological Station, Poselok Primorskiy,
Republic Karelia, RUSSIA

Tel/fax: +7 (815) 33-64-516

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