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Required Abstract Format

The title of the abstract should include the title of the presentation in the capital letters on the first line, the presentation authors' full names separated by commas on the second line, and the organization's full name on the third line. The speaker's name should be underlined.

The abstract should be in MS Word file format (.doc). The length for the abstract should be approximately 2-3 A4 pages with line spacing 1.0; please use Arial font (size 12, justify). The first line in the paragraph should be indented 0.7 cm.

Document margins: Top margin 2 cm. Bottom margin 1.5 cm. Left margin 2,5 cm. Right margin 1.5 cm.

Please turn off automatic hyphenation.

The abstract should NOT contain: reference list, figures, graphs, or photos. The abstract may contain tables within the required document length.

The abstract's text may contain reference citations in the following format: (Ivanov, Petrov, 1991; Smith et al., 2003).

Remote participation in the Conference is not possible.

Please send the abstract to the address with the message subject «Abstract. Participant's full name».

For all inquiries please contact Dr. Elena Vortsepneva at

White Sea Biological Station


White Sea Biological Station


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