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The Second White Sea Molecular Zoology Summer School, 2010

School in Molecular Zoology, White Sea Biological Station

N.A.Pertzov White Sea Biological Station (WSBS MSU) had provided summer field school on Molecular Zoology for undergraduate and graduate students studying zoology and ecology in September 5-19, 2010.

"THE WHITE SEA MOLECULAR ZOOLOGY SCHOOL" provided a unique opportunity to get on-hand experience of wide array of molecular genetics methods and tools used in modern zoology. The students spent two weeks in marvelous natural settings and friendly environment at small biological station located in pristine location called "Velikaya Salma" ("Great straight") of the Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea exactly on the Polar Circle (66° 34' N, 33° 08' E).

During two weeks they were involved in organismal and ecological fieldwork, laboratory data collection, and analytical work. The course was emphasized at the use of molecular tools to address phylogenetic, ecological and environmental questions.

Molecular Zoology School 2010



  • Anton Esaulov — Penza State University, Russia
  • Aleaxndr Fisher — University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Alexandra Hillebrand — Institute of Speleology Emil Racovita, Romania
  • Lisa Kamphausen — University of Southampton / National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, UK
  • Stefan Kolle — Bangor University, Germany
  • Rene Lesnik — University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany (currently on diploma course at the Robert Koch-Institute, Berlin, Germany )
  • Dmitry Miljutin — German Centre for Marine Biodiversity Research, Germany
  • Viktoria Pankova Institute of marine biology, Vladivostok, Russia
  • Maria Skazina —Bachelor Student, Biology and Soil science faculty, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia
  • Georg Steinert — Carl von Ossietzky Universitat Oldenburg, Fakultat V, Institut fur Biologie und Umweltwissenschaften (IBU), Germany
  • Ilya Udalov — Biology and Soil science faculty, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia
  • Nikolay Voronoy — Far East State University, Faculty of Biology, Educational Department of Marine Biology and Aquaculture,


date time type of activity person in charge subject
September 5th
morning     Arrival by boat; check-in,
noon     security breefing,WSBS orientation tour introduction to WSBS to to molecular zoology school
afternoon   Zhadan, Littoral zone - lecture, sauna
night   Tzetlin Benthic fauna of arctic seas(with movies), welcome party
September 6th
morning excursion Zhadan Littoral zone excursion. Collection samples for identification and DNA extraction.
afternoon lab Zhadan, Sample processing, species Identification
evening lect.   TBA  
September 7th
mornung lecture Mugue DNA extraction techniques
mornung lab Neretina, Azhikina DNA extraction from Dulichia by NucleoS (quick protocol)
afternoon lab Neretina, Azhikina PCR from prepared DNA samples (new Dulichia microsats primers)
evening lect. lecture TBA  


Lecture presentations, lab protocols, mini-symposium materials, and photo galleries see at:


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