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WSBS MSU is very convenient for holding conferences and other field scientific events. It is capable to accommodate up to several dozens of participants, all year round. The conference hall of the aquarial building has seats for more than 100 participants. Auditoriums and labs are well equipped for practice seminars.

Welcome to participate in the WSBS MSU scientific conference!

The WSBS MSU scientific conference is held every two years over the week-end closest to August, 10th - the WSBS foundation day. The conference takes two full days.

We invite scientists, lecturers, postgraduates and students working in the field of biology and other natural sciences; particularly, if your research is connected with studies of the White Sea and its watershed, oceans and their coasts. Presentations should be targeted at general audience interested in science, including students.

To participate in the WSBS conference, please contact its organizational committee (Elena Krasnova) before the end of May of the same year. Please email your contact details, the title of your presentation or report, indicate authors, and provide its abstract. Please confirm with the organizational committee the amount of participation fee, costs of accommodation and meals in the beginning of June.

Next conference is scheduled for August 20XX.

About the WSBS MSU scientific conference

The WSBS has been holding its scientific conference in memory of Nikolai Pertsov since 1996. The conference has become an integral part of the WSBS life, and a good tradition of its scientific community. It welcomes scientists, postgraduates and students from Lomonosov Moscow State University, scientific institutions of Murmansk Region, their colleagues from Moscow, other regions of Russia, and from abroad.

The WSBS Conference covers a broad range of topics. Its main focus is study of the White Sea, its watershed, their flora and fauna; ecology and hydrology of geological processes occurring there. In addition, the conference brings together specialists who study other arctic seas and Arctic terrestrial biota.

WSBS Scientific Conference: statistics on the number of participants and presentations

  1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2006 2008
Participants 26 50 58 51 59 55 42 69 56 140 169
Oral presentations 12 31 28 33 25   33 28 28 35  58
Total research reports 20 43 48 45 32 24 54 39 34 68 108


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