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Diving Team

WSBS SCUBA-diving Team provides researchers and students with unique fresh samples and live species, collecting them with minimum damage to bentic communities. The Diving Team consists of WSBS staff.

Diving station is equipped with modern equipment (electric compressor, cylinders, regulators, vests, etc.). Dives are conducted using two motor boats.

It is possible to dive for your own purposes if you have a PADI diving certificate level OWD or higer, and bring minimum personal equipment (scuba diving wet/dry suit, fins, mask). Remember, that the White Sea is a cold sea. Summer surface water temperature is usually about 11-13АC, occasionally reaching 18Аб, while in winter it is 0.3-0.8Аб. Below 10-20 m of depth, the water temperature is 2-5Аб all year round. To dive, please contact the chief of the diving station, Alexander Semenov ( at the latest, two months in advance of the beginning of the diving season, which usually starts in the beginning of June.

scuba_diver_waiver.pdf  67.37 KB
SCUBA diver liability waiver

If you would like divers to collect underwater samples for you, write an Application for underwater sample collection.

application_samples.pdf  67.9 KB
Application for underwater sample

Indicate species, their desirable number, date when you need them, and how we can find you. Please write your application several days in advance - lots of force majeure factors may prevent divers to get you the samples immediately.

Submit your application:

  • hand it to the chief of the Diving Team
  • leave it in Lab # 21
  • attach it to the door of the diving station

Collecting your order: Important - divers usually dive in high/low tide, when currents are weak and it is easy to wark. Please, ask divers when they are going to collect your samples, do not disappear at that time, and collect your species live and fresh to put them in an aquarium or to your lab. All animals, not collected during 24 hours after the capture, will be released back. Repeated applications will not be accepted.


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