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Nikolai Pertsov White Sea Biological Station (WSBS MSU)
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Please Note:
All visitors are required to read and sign a waiver prior to using WSBS facilities. The waiver will be provided upon check-in at WSBS.

Chemicals and Lab Supply
WSBS has available very limited quantities of chemicals and lab supplies. Communicate your requirements at least two months in advance of arrival.

Chemical Waste
Visitors are personally responsible for the disposal of their toxic chemicals. Visitors must assure that their waste is safely contained, packaged and labeled.

WSBS insurance does not cover non-WSBS personnel or equipment; therefore you must provide your own insurance for health, accident, theft, equipment damage, loss and liability, including medical evacuation coverage. We require that all group leaders carry liability insurance, with WSBS as a named insured on the policy. All ship and other boat users are required to sign waivers prior to boarding.

general_waiver.pdf  58.59 KB
General waiver

Passport / VISA Requirements
Passports are required for all persons going to/from WSBS. If you are a foreign national, check with Russian Embassy in your country with regard to specific visa requirements. All immigration/travel rules are subject to change, verify information prior to traveling. 

Please make reservations well in advance. WSBS will not be able to guarantee the availability of facilities on short notice.

On Arrival at WSBS
  • Register at the reception desk.
  • Confirm lab, accommodation and/or boat bookings with the receptionist.
Before Departure

At least one day before leaving WSBS, please contact Reception to settle your bill. Payment may only be made in RUR cash.

wsbs_visitor_handbook.pdf  187.63 KB
WSBS visitor handbook


White Sea Biological Station



White Sea Biological Station, Poselok Primorskiy,
Republic Karelia, RUSSIA

Tel/fax: +7 (815) 33-64-516

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