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Nikolai Pertsov White Sea Biological Station (WSBS MSU)
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WSBS Research Staff consists of 10+ scientists. They take part in a number of projects, working in co-operation with colleagues from different departments of MSU, other research institutes, and other countries. The WSBS Solovki branch receives guest researches on a similar basis to WSBS.

Main research areas:

  • diversity, structure and functioning of marine and coastal ecosystems
  • composition, distribution and biology of marine invertebrates
  • ontogenesis and physiological adaptation in fish
  • comparative morphology and phylogeny of animals
  • molecular marine biology
  • sustainable management of coastal flora and fauna

Current research projects

Project Description Project Leaders
Symiotic photosynthetic bacteria in the tissues of Hydrozoa (Sertullariida) Dr. Igor Kasevich
Investigation of biology of underwater mast builders - amphipods, g. Dulichia Dr. Anna Zhadan
Prof. Alexander Tzetlin
Study of first case of obligate ectoparasitic dwarf males found in polychaetes (Scolelepis laonicola) Dr. Elena Vortsepneva
Study of marine ice invertebrate communities Dr. Alexey Tchesunov
Dr. Vadim Mokievsky
Development of sea floor landscape mapping techniques utilizing remote geophysical methods and traditional geological and biological sampling methods. Case study:seafloor comunities of the Kandalaksha Bay, White Sea Dr. Vadim Mokievsky
Prof. Alexander Tzetlin
Unique crustaceans of the White Sea:
  • Rhizocephala the crafty barnacle parasites of other crastaceans
  • Facetotecta enigmatic Y larvae
Dr. Grigory Kolbasov
Annotated list of flora and fauna, found in the vicinities of the station (more then 5000 species from plants, protozoans, algae and fungi to birds and mammals) Dr. Alexey Tchesunov
Database (GIS) of marine flora and fauna of the vicinities of the station. Dr. Anna Zhadan
Dr. Elena Vortsepneva
Illustrated key for most abundant invertebrates of the White Sea with description of biology and distribution of several hundreds of invertebrate species.
Just published!
Dr. Nikolai Marfenin
Svetlana Belorustseva
Monitoring sea mammal populations in the Kandalaksha Bay
Project supported by IFAW
Integrated coastal zone management project: Basin Council of North Karelian Coast
In co-operation with: Lighthouse Foundation, IFAW, WWF Russia, Biodiversity Conservation Center Russia
Meiobenthos population structure, influence of the aquatic environment. Dr. Elena Krasnova


White Sea Biological Station



White Sea Biological Station, Poselok Primorskiy,
Republic Karelia, RUSSIA

Tel/fax: +7 (815) 33-64-516

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