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The Third White Sea Comparative Physiology Summer School, September 2018

28 August -12 September 2018

Supported by:


Final list of practical course students:

Artem Razumov (Russia)
Charlotte Marris (UK)
Daniel Morgenroth (Spain/Sweden)
James Hinchcliffe (UK/Sweden)
James Marchant (UK/Canada)
Jann Zwahlen (Switzerland/Italy)
Kasja Pavlovič (Serbia)
Ksenia Butova (Russia)
Martins Ainerua (Nigeria/UK)
Nuno Ramalho (Portugal/Czech Republic)
Per Hjelmstedt (Sweden)
Veronika Olejničkova (Czech Republic)

The putative schedule of the practical course you can download here:

    Schedule of the 3rd WSCPSS.pdf
      135.99 KB


Download and carefully read actual checklist before your trip to the station:


СкачатьChecklist 2018.pdf
      89.14 KB


Applications for practical course will not be considered further. Russian students wishing to attend lectures only, should register by sending a short motivation letter to before August, 10.

Final list of lecturers:

Dr. Denis Abramochkin (Lomonosov Moscow State University, RUSSIA)
Dr. Erik Sandblom (University of Gothenburg, SWEDEN)
Dr. Gina Galli (University of Manchester, UK)
Dr. Halina Dobrzynski (University of Manchester, UK)
Dr. Holly Shiels (University of Manchester, UK)
Dr. Ivan Srejovic (University of Kragujevac, SERBIA)
Dr. Jan Azarov (Komi Institute of Physiology, Syktyvkar, RUSSIA)
Dr. Javier Gonzalez (Oroboros Instruments Corporation, Innsbruck, AUSTRIA)
Prof. Matti Vornanen (University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, FINLAND)
Dr. Olga Solovyova (Institute of Immunology and Physiology of the RAS, Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA)
Prof. Olga Tarasova (Lomonosov Moscow State University, RUSSIA)
Prof. Vladimir Jakovljevic (University of Kragujevac, SERBIA)
Dr. Vladislav Kuzmin (Lomonosov Moscow State University, RUSSIA)


Organizing Committee is grateful to The Company of Biologists and Marine Research Centre at Moscow State University for generous financial support of the School.


September 2018
The Third White Sea Comparative Physiology Summer School

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