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 The White Sea Biological Station of Moscow State University (WSBS MSU) held the Second International Summer Course on the embryology of marine invertebrates in June 2016 (12/06-03/07). The Course was attended by students from China, Colombia, Mexico, Germany, USA, India and Russia. Some students studied new for them fields in developmental biology, and others learned new methods and techniques. The teachers of the Course come from the USA, Norway, Austria and Russia are experts in the various fields of development biology, majoring in classical approaches of embryology, as well as modern ones.



Participants of the Course are students and PhDstudents and young researches from the following institutions:

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México
Florida International University, Hollywood, USA
The University of Manchester, UK
Ludwig-Maximilians-University LMU, Munich
CSIR – National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India
Department of Earth Sciences, The Natural History Museum, London, UK
Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia
Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia


Students have obtained the basic knowledge in cultivation of embryos and larvae, learned techniques of inducing the spawning and fertilization; studied a variety of types of cleavage, gastrulation, and the subsequent stages of development of marine invertebrates of the White Sea (so called “non-model" organisms). Participants learned to document the different developmental stages using the zoological drawing and various methods of light microscopy (phase contrast, bright and dark fields, Nomarski optics) and confocal microscopy on equipments of Leica, Nikon, and Olympus.

Besides the classical methods of embryology, students have experienced in short experimental projects on proliferation of cells in Cnidaria by EdU labeling, immunocytochemical staining of trochophore larvae, pharmacological inhibition development of Spiralia, regeneration and primorph formation in Porifera.

Each instructor of the Course made 2-3 public lectures for the scientific staff and visitors of the White Sea Station (up to 50-60 persons), among which there were students, PhD students, young researches, mostly from the Faculty of Biology (MSU) of Dept. of Embryology, Human and Animal Physiology, Cell Biology, Invertebrate Zoology, also students of the first year of education without any specialization.


As a result of the Course the Manual on the development of marine invertebrates which are easy to collect in close vicinity of the WSBS and culture in a laboratory was prepared. The Manual is now on-line accessible for students, visitors and scientific staff of the station.

During the Course participants of the Course (both, students and teachers) had their free time together, exchanged experience, set contacts, and planned joint research projects. All teachers expressed the need in holding the regular Course, and their readiness to take part in the next Courses. In addition, teachers and students have expressed their interest in a work at the WSBS for their research. In general, the whole event was very intensive and fruitful, both in educational and research aspects.

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Summer course on embryology of marine invertebrates

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