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Nikolai Pertsov White Sea Biological Station (WSBS MSU)
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Welcome to Nikolai Pertsov
White Sea Biological Station!

WSBS MSU (White Sea Biological Station) is an educational and research centre, created for conducting marine scientific research and field student practices at the White Sea. WSBS is a subdivision of Biology Department of Lomonosov Moscow State University. WSBS MSU is the base for the Research & Education Centre "Marine Biology, Oceanography and Geology".

Our mission is to transform the fields of marine science, molecular biology, and sustainable coastal management through a blend of cutting edge research, comprehensive educational experiences and a commitment to share our knowledge internationally.

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The Second White Sea
Comparative Physiology Summer School, September, 2015
White Sea Biological Station



The White Sea Biological station (WSBS) of the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) offers 3-week field course in embryology of marine invertebrates 13 June – 03 July 2016
Basin Council of the North Karelian Coast invites to the conference "Natural and cultural heritage of the White Sea: prospects of preservation and development" July 17-19, 2015 (Chupa, Republic of Karelia, Russia)
The Second White Sea Comparative Physiology Summer School, September, 2015
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White Sea Biological Station, Poselok Primorskiy,
Republic Karelia, RUSSIA

Tel/fax: +7 (815) 33-64-516

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